Alumni Won 2nd Runner-Up in Engineering Innovation & Design Award (Health & Assistive Technology) from NTU

Mr David Wong, our 2009 Gold Medallist Graduate, has just won 2nd runner-up in an Engineering Innovation & Design competition in NTU, in the Health and Assistive Technology category. His team has came up with a Convertile Ergonomic Folio, named wRite, which aim to relief neck pain due to improper forward head posture.

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Posted on: 27th May 2013

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Job Growth in Biomedical Engineering
“Biomedical engineers are expected to have employment growth of 72 percent over the projections decade, much faster than the average for all occupations.+” In 2010, msnbc announced that biomedical engineering is the fastest growing profession in the United States. The job of biomedical engineer is at the top of the fastest-growing occupation list, and interestingly, equally accessed by both males and females.

+Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11 Edition (; Projections decade=2008-2018

Job opportunities
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Position (some recent selections)

05, Jul 2013 National Heart Centre Singapore Engineering Assistant, Biomedical Engineering
05, Jul 2013 Tan Tock Seng Hospital Technical Officer, Biomedical Engineering
11, Dec 2012

Edwards Lifesciences

Manager, Manufacturing Engineering
11, Dec 2012 Tan Tock Seng Hospital Technical Officer, Biomedical Engineering
23, Jul 2012 Parkway Pantai Limited Technical Officer, Biomedical Engineering
11, Apr 2012 JMS Singapore Pte Ltd Multiple openings
24, Jan 2012 National University of Singapore Clinical Research Associate
24, Jan 2012 Raffles Medical Group Manager (Biomedical Engineering Unit)
14 Jan, 2012 Tan Tock Seng's Hospital Technical Officer, Biomedical Engineering
14 Jan, 2012 KK Women's and Children's Hospital Biomedical Technical Officer (Operating Theatre/BME)
19 Nov, 2011 Tan Tock Seng's Hospital Technical Officer, Biomedical Engineering
5 Nov, 2011 KK Women's and Children's Hospital Biomedical Technical Officer (Operating Theatre/BME)
29 Oct, 2011 Tan Tock Seng's Hospital Technical Officer, Biomedical Engineering

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Poly Grads urged to start own Businesses

Minister of State for Education Lawrence Wong urged polytechnic graduates interested in starting their own businesses to follow in 21-year-old Mr Nick Thng's (Nee Ann Polytechnic accountancy student) footsteps and pursue their dreams. He also gave example of another Ngee Ann graduate, Mr Darran Nathan, who turned down a bond-free scholarship to attend university in 2000 in order to commercialise the computing technology he first developed at school.

Read the news article here.

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NP Biomedical Engineering Diploma Course is now accredited with National University of Singapore (NUS) Life Sciences course! Our graduates from BME Dip course get to enjoy advanced standing for NUS Life Sciences course, similar to their peers from NP Biomedical Science Dip course!

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Our graduates since 2004 are all academically inclined and about 30~35% of them (depending on which year) are now in universities. Between 35~48% are in National Service, with many of them already holding placements in the local universities. In 2007, we had a record number of 65% of our graduate having placements in the university within the first year of graduation.

The Biomedical Engineering Diploma is recognised by many universities. The BME Diploma holder therefore gains advanced standing in tertiary institutions, saving up to 2 years of studies, depending on the course and the university.

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NP BME students took the top 2 places in oral presentations (Poly category) for the 6th Scientific Meeting organized by the Biomedical Engineering Society.

The winners are:
1st Place: Data mining framework for breast cancer detection in mammograms: a texture features paradigm - Zheng Jiawei, Ratna Yanti
2nd Place: Wireless fall detection sensors using gyroscope and accelerometer for elderly - Chua Wang An, Lim Zi Chuan

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Np-BME. Data mining framework for Breast Cancer Detection in Mammograms. (more)

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